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Every time I visit the Orlando, FL area, I immediately drag my fiancé and any other friends in the area to Forever 21 and continually purchase clothes there whether I need them or not. However, upon the dozens of times of shopping there, never once did I need to exchange or return an item.

I had bought a dress that was apparently “Final Sale” when the cashier rung it up. However, nowhere in the store was a conspicuous sign that read that “All Final Sale” items were not to be exchanged or returned! It is only on the receipt AFTER making the purchase. What does this “Final Sale” actually mean? Within 24 hours, I came back in hopes to exchange the dress in a smaller size but the cashier and manager said that we couldn’t, even though the likelihood of the smaller sized dress was still available and it was not worn.

Now I can understand not being able to return a sale item and quite possibly exchanging the dress for a different design but for the EXACT SAME article of clothing? That is ridiculous. I can vouch that many other women have felt wronged by this deceptive and strict act.

What I would suggest is let the consumer know BEFOREHAND the return policy in a sign where others can read it, not have the policy on the receipt AFTER the purchase has been made. My fiancé and I are thoroughly upset and vouch that we can not justify shopping at the store again unless the appropriate amendments be made.

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what the heck do you think FINAL SALE means?!

New York City, New York, United States #654501

Tasha's a dumb ***.


There are yellow signs posted at the registers with the store policy.

Final sale means FINAL SALE... to break it down that means you can't return or exchange it.



Wow, I hope you feel good about yourself for being so condescending toward someone who has made a mistake. I would hardly call needing to exchange a dress "irresponsible." Also, I don't think someone like you needs to be telling people to take a class in English, as you have made multiple errors in your post.

I suggest you take a class in humility and learn that no one likes a condescending know-it-all. Really--I'd be surprised if you had any friends.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #209439

I suggest you take a class in English and learn the meaning of the term "final sale" This means the sale if final since they are clearing the items out. This means no returns and no exchange.

Not their fault you did not bother to read their signs. You should have asked mommy what size you wear before leaving, or better if you are actually an adult you should have tried the dress on before purchasing.

NOT their fault you are irresponsible. You and your little friend Cathrine need to take a class in English so you know what Final sale means.


I agree. The same thing happened to me. I will never shop at Forever 21 again due to their deceptive return policy.


The sign that your talking about is posted at ALL registers... just thought you would like to know. :)

pay closer attention next time.

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