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I purchased a pair of black denim pants less than a week ago. Wore them twice, and two of the teeth from the zipper fell off making them unwearable, unless I wanted to flash everyone I walked by. I also noticed the button was starting to pop out from the jeans?. Having spent $36 after taxes on these pants, I was more than a little bit pissed after trying to return them, and being told that since the tags were taken off, and the pants had been worn, that they were unable to exchange them for a non-defective pair/.

HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO KNOW A ZIPPER IS DEFECTIVE IF YOU'VE NEVER WORN THE ITEM????? The defect was OBVIOUSLY the company's fault, but they would not even listen to me trying to plead my case". This makes it seem like the company blames their customers for their own mistakes?. $36 is now forever gone, and I cannot be any more furious,.

Every other company I've ever purchased clothing from, that was found to be defective after a few wears, has been smart enough to realize that the item's defect was their fault, and were more than happy to allow me to exchange the item for the same thing:. This company is a bunch of thieves, and I hope they go out of business because of their unfair return policy;. I will be informing everyone I know to avoid Forever 21 like the plague, and encourage everyone else to do the same". I am appalled at their complete lack of responsibility for a shoddy product, and feel like I've been robbed.

Monetary Loss: $36.

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Worcester, Massachusetts, United States #813329

Every store is different. And i doubt that any store would take back an item that has been worn with no tags attached.

If that was the case, costumers would go to their favorite stores, rip the tags off, wear it, then return it. If you had the tags attached you could of exchanged it but you did wear them not once but twice. Its hard for the employees to know if the pants were really deffective or if you actually just wore them and they broke. They weren't with you to actually see what happened.

The best thing to do is to bring the pants to a proffesional place were the zipper/button can be fixed. :) things like these happen to everybody.

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