i placed an order on line on december 18, 2012 for $ 295.30 and got it pretty fast. the only things is that half an order merchandises were too small, double order, stuff missing...

so i went to the store to get a refund back. in the store they said how i cant get my money back but instead they will give me the gift card so i can purchase things online. so, not having a choice and already pissed off since they kept repeating the same things over and over i took the gift card and placed an order online again. and after a few weeks of waiting i called them to check what happened with my order and they told me how they tried to deliver it but nobody was home and they shipped my order back to them.

i told them how nobody tried to contact me regarding the order (ups guys) and they never left any note on the door that they were trying to deliver the packages and i was checking for the mail on a DAILY basis (and i also told them how i got first order i placed just fine) so, after the conversation with forever21 customer service they said when they scan the package in their warehouse they will send me confirmation email so i can decide if i want them to ship my order again or should they issue me the refund. i never got any email from them so i called again and again, no results. two month after, i called again to see what happened with my refund and they said how they issued me refund back on the gift card. they keep claiming how original payment was a gift card and they will issue the refund only on a gift card.

the ORIGINAL payment was a CREDIT card with real money on it, not the gift card. now, i don't have an options but to buy from them again. they are forcing me to buy stuff that i don't want.

after the experience with them i really don't want anything from this company BUT my money back. time i spend with dumb *** customer service i will never get back.if u don't want aggravation PLEASE stay away from forever21!!!

Monetary Loss: $177.

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