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So my husband bought me a jacket at the store on dec 24.I tried exchanging it on Dec 26 brcauae it

was to short and they refused.Never buy any gifts there because the person may not be able to exchange it and you lost your money.Shame on uou Forever thieves. I cannot believe that John 3 vs 16 is under rh the bag.Why did they choose to hide the verse.If u are a christian you should be kind and not mean.What if God never gave u a second chance.SHAME ON YOU .I will forever never retturn to yoir store.

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:eek I had this thought that Forever 21 was a fashion second, with cheap fabric, and would not last long because if you washed it once, it may not hold up, unless you handle the garment with extreme care, due to fabric fade, sewing to unravel, and so on. You get what you pay for, unfortunately.

Other than the idea that the styles are pretty updated, you can't count on it being in your closet for long. Purchase from a garment manufacturer clothing that looks good from the start, pay the price and it will last you for a good long time!!

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