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Okay so exactly a week ago I bought a really cute ring that I mistakenly got in the wrong size.Today I took it back wanting a smaller size and apparently all jewelry is final sale.

Upon further inspection I DID find it on the receipt but NO WHERE ELSE IN THE STORE. I looked! Even on the cashiers.

I am very pissed off at the fact that I had my receipt, the product was unworn, and I even had the little tag that attaches to the product.I was beyond angry, needless to say it will be a LONG time before I shop at Forever 21 again, if ever.


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Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1235903

If it was on your receipt, then it is on you. Yes, they should have signs up in the store, but you also should have reviewed your receipt.

to Anonymous Victorville, California, United States #1285864

you are an ***. how can she possibly see the return policy stated on the receipt before she makes the purchase? in case you havent been shopping (ever).....you must purchase the item before getting a receipt.once she made the purchase and was able to see the policy on the receipt, it was too late.do ya get it?


My comment isn't for the original poster, but for the geniuses who felt it necessary to personally attack her.This is PRECISELY why I loathe (look it up) internet chat boards.

Usually, they become a free-for-all with everyone attacking each other...the original comment/issue gets long forgotten in the oneupsmanship of everyone trying to be funniest/smartest/meanest, etc.

Keep it classy people, or keep your comments to themselves. Children are able to read what you write.

I realise my comments are a couple of years too late, but when I read what a couple of you wrote, I was so offended, I had to speak up.

Not that it's going to do a bit of good, but I spoke my piece.Grow up!


i will never shop there again for the reason that i bought 5 shirts , didn't try them on since i have a baby and I'm always in a rush i didn't like how two fit so i went that same day to return them and get my money back but i couldn't because it is only store credit -.- extremely dissapointed ! never shopping there again plus the cashier was rude and being a sarcastic little b**** -.-

Cohoes, New York, United States #1061004

I returned something there today that I bought a week ago. I will never shop at the store again because of return policy.

Orange, California, United States #797565

Just so you don't make the same mistake in the future, have an adult shop with you so you get the correct size. Then have that same adult read the back of the receipt for you and ask about the return policy. You clearly are a child and cannot do this yourself.

to kevin richards #877224

Shut your *** mouth, this person obviously made a mistake.

to *** you Orange, California, United States #914433

The point I am trying to make(and perhaps mommy can read my response to you and explain what it means) is this child did not read the back of the receipt, or have a parent read it for her.

to KevinRichards Panorama City, California, United States #923348

So every time you get a receipt you immediately begin reading all the tiny print?You sir...are my hero.

Has there ever been a more responsible and organized man? Oh all the knowledge and information that you must posses! I fee so small and inadequate, I must admit...

I am not as mature, often I just let them put the receipt in the bag and walk off.If for some reason I have to return something I bought, I will just ride my tricycle to the store with my item and unread receipt...just like a fool!

to KevinRichards #1025383

When you receive a receipt, you have already bought it. Then it is too late. The store return policy should be posted for all shoppers to see prior to making a purchase.

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