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I accompanied my sister-in-law and friend who were big fans of Forever 21 on one occasion. I was having a sore throat that day so I got myself some herbal tea.

Most people ignored me as I strolled along the aisle with a drink in my hand. All stores but Forever 21 when one of the staff spotted me and marched angrily towards me. She sternly told me that I was not allowed to drink in the store. I promised her I would be careful not to leave any stain on the products.

She said that was not the point and mumbled a store rule is a rule or something along the line. I thought it was ridiculous and that she might just make things up and went on to check on my friends who just came out of the fitting room ignoring her. Moments later the girls headed back to the fitting room to try on more and the same angry staff came back again. This time she offered that I leave the drink at the counter in a rude and arrogant manner.

I started to get annoyed at her constant harassment and stood my ground telling her no. She pouted like a spoilt child not getting her way. Well, she was very young and very likely a student on her first part-time and lost her head to the excitement of feeling in control of crowd policing. I don't know how Forever 21 trains their staff and I am not interested to find out.

I was more annoyed at this one particular staff than the store and one rogue staff was enough to make your shopping experience in one particular store less pleasant.

Also, Forever 21's website is always on maintenance. Forever 21 forever on maintenance makes you wonder why.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Product variety.

I didn't like: Employees.

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same here! the forever 21 staff in mid valley are really not friendly and not helping customer anyway


Wow are you kidding me. You are the rude ignorant one here.

It is generally known that no food or drink is allowed in stores.

And yes you deserve it because it's YOUR FAULT and you even ignored her first warning. Geez people nowadays.


I encountered two arrogant staffs there, so I understand the feeling of being treated rudely by the staffs. But his clearly is your fault.

Everyone (okay, maybe not everyone, most of us) knows that drinks are not allowed in the store, even most kids know that (seen kids have theirs drinks or ice-cream outside of the store until they're done,then they enter). Maybe you would say that kids are clumsy or what, but we have clumsy adults too, and you, as an educated adult should know that too. Said you would be very careful.

So what? If anything happened to the products, the workers are the one will be blamed, unless they monitor every customers until they walk out from the store?


Are you serious? Okay I get you're pissed off because the staff was rude.

I'd give staffs a good smack if that were true.

But it really is your fault. I think the rule to not allow drinks in their store is acceptable and if you'd have complied with the rules in the first place, you wouldn't have had to deal with her bitchiness.


So...you're angry at her because she asked you to follow the rules? A lot of department stores have a no food or drink policy.

She should not have had to ask you more than once. When she first approached you and said you couldn't have it, you should have apologized and either waited outside until you were finished with it or asked where a trash can was. So you promised not to leave any stains? So what!

Accidents still happen? And that's why they have (and enforce) these rules.

Think about this: is you were a non smoker (don't know if you are) and someone came into your house with a lighted cigarette and you told them it was house rules that there was no smoking allowed, but they promised to be very careful not to leave a smoke smell, would you allow them to smoke anyway because they promised?

I don't think so. Just follow the rules.

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