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I got a pair of trousers on 08/30 which was 'on Sale' , which had a disfunct chain. Went to return the item on 08/31. I was told that since it was a Sales item the store recommends us to quality check the product and therefore would not take the item back.

Never experienced this anywhere before. And this condition of quality checking each item we take is never highlighted on the Sales racks before we buy your product.

To top it, your customer service rep( QuakerBridge Mall) was so rude. I realized, u definitely hired the right person with the right amount of rudeness, otherwise who would be able to sell products with defects , right?

It was such a pleasure walking out of your store and getting into the other outlets in the mall who believe in delighting their customers . And while I was shopping , I kept confirming with each rep in Macy's and Aeropostale

if they also followed the same policy( if there were any in non-customer service )!

Nutshell- you are a disrespectful and untrustworthy brand.

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