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I’m sure I am not the first person to say that the exchange policy in place in grossly unfair! After realizing I spent more than I should have, I immediately turned around and walked back in the store and waited in line to find out that they do not refund back to credit cards.

Of course I asked to speak to a store mngr. I was disgusted to be told but what looked like an 18 year old punk rock looking KID that I could not have my money returned back to card. Disgusting! So the girl who rang me up should have told me that all sales were final because I didn’t want to have store credit!

Great! This so called policy is absolutely ridiculous! These so called managers are unprofessional. I guess they only pay minimum wage and hire kids and the store reflects that 100%!

Refusing to give customers THEIR money back on unused item with a receipt shows exactly what type of company were dealing with here! I would love to go on and on about the reasons why I will never be shopping at this store again and that I will be sure and tell everyone I know on every outlet I can think of but I'm sure they have heard it all before and make enough money robbing people that they really could care less. To make matters worse, no REAL store manager, no customer service but a ridiculous website. Who is in charge?

Who is making these ridiculous policies? Who is hiring these kids?

Who is watching them running around in the store having social hour, laughing and chatting. The place is a mess, the policies are unethical and I will NEVER go back again.

Monetary Loss: $97.

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Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #764201

So basically you didn't monitor your spending, over spent, and got pissed when you could only get store credit. It's really not their fault that you didn't watch how much you spent.

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