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Order number 58250711 for which I never received the package because as opposed to walking inside the place of business and leaving it with a person, they left it ON THE STREET in a busy neighborhood right next to a huge transit center so obviously it was stolen. I contacted F21 who told me it's been more than 30 days so therefore they can't help me and to call UPS, I called UPS and they say per their contract with F21 all missing packages have to be handled by the shipper, I called back F21 who told me I am out of money and luck and that they can't do anything for me.

I called back to speak to a supervisor, Hani placed me on hold for 3-5 minutes and then just hung up on me! I called back again only to have Monica berate me about how it's my fault and I dropped the ball and there was a small typo in my address which was the "issue" - lol then they would have shipped it back to you and not left it on the street in front of the very address I sent it. I take full responsibility for my part but I placed 5 other orders online with other retailers, none of which I had issues with receiving except for F21- Something is obviously not right with you either. But instead of owning up to their part, they tried to find any reason to put the blame solely on me, including apparently that my problem was caused by an accidental fat finger typo "Chicagoi" as opposed to Chicago, I mean really???

If there is a problem with the address, the package gets sent back to the shipper. Monica was really reaching here. Instead of allowing me to speak with a supervisor, they just said they're all on the phone right now and would call me back whenever - just like all the others on the Consumer Affairs reviews, despicable. I've been a customer for 10+ years and spent thousands of dollars here, I don't deserve this level of disrespect and disregard.

After all this time $63.01 is a drop in the bucket for them but not chump change for me. To tell me that I have absolutely ZERO recourse with them, that they won't re-ship the available items nor even give 1/2 a refund nor a measly store credit is just unbelievable customer service practice.

I've never called or asked them for anything before. The only thing worse than the quality and return policy at this company is the customer service (or lack thereof), never shopping here again and beware.

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