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It's "okay", not great (but could be!)

The site itself is great and no, I have never had a bad experience shopping there, however, I do have some comments regarding the items that are sold on the site. Like any other site, it's got items that are great and ones that are...

well, not so great. Naturally, the "great" items run out of stock quickly, and are unfortunately rarely restocked, sizes small and medium run out extremely rapidly and although the items receive great reviews and are frequently requested to be put back on the site, they're hardly ever back. The site itself doesn't display any info regarding forever21's re-socking policy and when you email the employees, they respond saying that they don't know if the items that are out of stock will ever be restocked. The US store underwent a "makeover" recently, it no longer has a "back in stock" category, almost as if they never intend to restock anything ever again.

This is extremely disappointing to me as a customer, I am a student so naturally I am incapable of purchasing everything I want right away as I have to save money for a period of time in order to afford shopping. The fact that they are putting this out there in a way that makes it seem almost as if they are saying "boohoo..You didn't have the money to buy that jacket back then? Guess what? It's gone now!

Better try your luck with our physical stores. Oh and by the way, we know you've tried that before and it didn't work out but still, it's the cliche we're going to stick to!" is just terrible. I don't think it's a bad marketing strategy to restock items that ran out quickly, sold a significant number of units and are top rated/ frequently praised, so I can't think of any reason why the site won't put back the "great" stuff instead of putting "not so great new stuff" each and every day, it just hurts... it really does.

I get that having more items will definitely increase the site's generated revenue, but not all items are favorable. Plus, more money and customer satisfaction can be garnered by gaining customers' approval through good quality items, rather than just "new" ones which may or may not be good.

It just makes it super easy for people with money to get everything the good stuff and for the not so fortunate to wear the "not so good" stuff (if they're lucky they'll manage to get the stuff they want a size larger than they're own before that one runs out of stock too!), which wasn't the purpose behind creating the brand in the 1st place... It's supposed to be affordable fashion for all.

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Whittier, California, United States #1303630

I noticed this too! Of course I'm not pissed, but I just don't get it.

Does the company not follow a simple supply and demand model? Or maybe they are limiting their inventory to inflate demand?

In any case, I have completely abandoned my shopping cart full of items on multiple occasions because I was so fed up that they didn't have what I went on the website for in the first place. It makes me second guess the things in my cart and I inevitably don't buy anything from them.

Happens all the time with black underwear! Every time I look, they're out of stock of small and medium sizes for black underwear. I've noticed this with camis as well.

Just a thought - maybe they'd make more money of you produced and stocked more of these items and less of the less popular sizes/colors.

That way you'd meet consumer demand for these items. When people don't get what they came there for, they get frustrated and often don't buy anything. When they do get it, they'll buy it and likely other items as well.

They could even price the high-demand items marginally more (like $5.50 for M/Black underwear instead of $5) and they might end up with more revenue and a larger customer base. Basic economics!

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