I bought 2 skirts online and I went to Roseville gallaria to exchange the skirt for a different size. It took forever just to find them!

I went to the cashier and I said I was doing an exchange so she rang me up and said I had to pay and I was like what. Online I bought the two skirts for $20 but originally it's $18 each and at the store it was regular price. The cashier said I had to pay $17 to be able to exchange JUST THE SIZE. I'm so pissed at that worker because I later called forever 21 Roseville gallaria and they said I was able to exchange the size.

that worker should be fired because she was doing a horrible job. I won't be going there for a while but the next time I do ill find out her name and complain.

She waisted my time and other workers time. The other workers were really nice it's just that *** cashier that doesn't know anything.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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Unless you have receipt stating what you originally paid for your items the store has no choice but to go by what their current promotions are whether it's the same or no promo at all.


Don't listen to these **** *** people below, they are probably workers from foever 21 and just making excuses for the cashiers fault. That cashier is *** and should be fired.

She won't lose much anyway it's a $8 an hour job so... These idiots haha eight years old, they must be *** to think an eight year old can shop, ignorant people are so funny.

Pomaria, South Carolina, United States #768220

The worker made a mistake, but resulting to childish name calling won't help. As a matter of fact it makes you look immature.

Like another person said, your spelling and grammar is terrible. Would you like it if someone called you names because of that?

Billerica, Massachusetts, United States #768219

Hey you should know your own size, it is not the cashier's fault you gained weight and had to exchange for a larger size. Then to demand she be fired for this the poster who replied thinks you are eight.

I think he is wrong, more like you are four. The fact that you do not know how to begin a sentence with that and your attitude confirms this. So she made a mistake. When you are an adult and old enough to work would you want to be fired for the first mistake you made.

If you are not four, or eight grow up.

You make mistakes yourself. Your spelling and grammar is terrible so should we all judge you?

Hoyleton, Illinois, United States #768215

She is just following procedures she should not be fired for that. What should be happening is your mommy and daddy should be charged with neglect for allowing someone your age to shop alone.

( You are eight years old right, or do you just behave like you are?

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