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My wife shopped early for Christmas, then her father passed away on December 12th. When our daughter opened her gifts a few things had to be returned. No problem with other stores (PacSun, etc.), but Forever21 wouldn't accept the returns becuase it was 30 past the purchase date. I've talked to two different customer service managers and their story is the same. "We have a very strict return policy" they tell me. Really? A death in the family and you folks have no compassion? Just becuase it's policy does not make it correct. The government once had a policy - no, it was a law - that forbade women from voting. Sometimes you just have to change that policy!

And this from a supposedly "Christian" company. Is this an example of Christian values? Oh, please! Shame on you. We've spent at least a thousand dollars at Forever21 in the past few years. And all we're talking about is less than $50 in returns . . . unworn, tags still on.


Monetary Loss: $50.

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Orange, California, United States #797564

Quit playing sympathy, what does a death in the family have to do with returns. Most likely her father killed himself knowing how your wife turned out, then his granddaughter turned out this way.

to kevin richards #797775

Hey Kevin, *** you. Do not speak about my grandfather or the rest of my family like that again.

Got it? --the granddaughter who turned out perfectly fine (thanks for the concern though)

to kevin richards #797779

Gee Kevin. What a mature and inciteful response.

Chicks must really look up to your swarthy manliness. You don't even have a clue, do you?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #777684

Why did you have to throw the religion card in on this, what did that add? BTW, a policy is a policy, and it sounds like they are applying it fairly across the board.

to LTCC Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #777688

I apologize for the comment concerning religion. You are right, it was not called for.

Sorry you disagree, but sometimes you have to be a little lenient.

Other companies seem to understand this. PacSun, when hearing the exact same story about one of their items I also had to return, said, "We understand. No problem. Just write (this number) on the outside of the box."

They, too, have a "policy" but they are understanding and willing to help a customer.

The other return was no problem at all. They "gladly accept returns 365 days a year becuase customer satisfaction is our number one condern."

I cannot figure you why you feel it's OK for Forever21 to behave in this manner.

to starobin Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #778646

They're the ones who "threw in the religious card" by announcing that they are a Christian company and adhere to those values. They reference scripture on their bags.

Please, don't excuse them. They're ripping people off. Are they allowed to? Sure!

Is it my fault I got ripped off? Sure! Do all companies act like they do?

*** no! Some have conciouses.

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