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I am FOREVER disappointed in Forever 21! I was looking forward to my package which states delivered yesterday by USPS which I did not get.

I call Customer Service around 10:15 AM EST where I was treated very rudely by a representative name BETTY (Beatrice).... I explained the situation where all she did was bluntly ask, "What do you want me to do?" I'm sorry are you not Customer Service for a reason!? I then stated I wanted a reshipment of my merchandise or a refund. She then replied with we have to wait for them to attempt delivery...

UMM. My package says DELIVERED meaning they have already completed delivery so they have already "attempted" this.... She refused to give me a Supervisor and stated she was the only one working.... ???

Not believing this for one second I asked what company in their right mind lets only ONE person work on a Holiday weekend when you are having all of these big sales which will be a call driver!? I had to ask for a Supervisor several times before she even attempted to get me one. She came back on the line several times acting very rude, she was not helpful, she made the entire situation worse, and scoffed at me.. Yes, scoffed so loud several times!

Is it Forever 21's policy to scoff at your customers and state I don't know what to do for you or I don't know what else to tell you, or patronize your customers!? I am LIVID at how I was treated. FINALLY I received a Supervisor who had the same tone as soon as she got on the line and went right into I needed to wait 2-3 weeks for a claim to be done... I'm sorry, it's acceptable to keep my money and me not have my package for 2-3 weeks!?

I do not think so. I was very rudely apologized to several times so it wasn't even sincere so why apologize at all!? I was more frustrated after my call than before... If your "Supervisor" can't do anything more than a regular Agent what is the point in them being a Supervisor!?

It was Cynthia's job as a Sup to help the situation and not make it worse which she done!! When I asked for Corporate's number she gladly gave it to me. I will NOT shop with Forever 21 EVER again! I advised this to her as well as disputing the charge and plastering my experience all over Social Media and this did not bother her at all!!!

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!! I am currently waiting contact from Corporate so please forward my information along so I can get this resolved and these "Customer Service" representatives be held accountable for their actions.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I wonder why young children such as yourself are allowed to shop alone? Where were your parents?

Obviously from your behavior you are six years old. You need to learn to be patient. If it takes two or three weeks for a claim to be done, then it takes two or three weeks for a claim to be done. No need to throw a temper tantrum for something they cannot do.

This is where your parents would have stepped in if they were shopping with you and told you to behave yourself. Show mommy or daddy the review you wrote and they will explain to you that being told you cannot have your way is not the same as being rude. You were apologized to, just because they could not give you your way(give in to your little tantrum) does not make them rude.

You are the rude and sarcastic one and it was a shame mommy or daddy was not there to check on your behavior. If you take this to social media first of all you would need your parents permission, and second you would look even more foolish, or rather your parents would for not controlling your childish immature behavior.

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