At the Forever 21 store in Orlando I was accused of stealing earrings that the sales clerk failed to scan. He put them in my bag and handed me the bag!

At the food court I was approached by a man wearing a "Steelers" hat and jersey (ironically, I guess he finds it humorous), Keith, yelling at me says "you're a thief, you stole from my store". He then attempted to take my bags from me! He obviously never checked the security tape before he verbally attacked me and yelled "thief" accusations!!

This was completely unnecessary, what is "innocent until proven guilty"! He should be fired and a professional should be doing this important job!

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La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #209477

It is obvious that "I lied" is not the OP but some *** who has nothing better to do. If you are wrongly accused of theft in some states, you have legal recourse. I would get an attorney.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #209436

Actually I lied about this whole thing. I was the one that put the earings in the bag without paying for them.

They were not going to press charges but are not threatening to do so if I don't remove this lie about them. I did not have enough money for them and needed a gift for my sister's birthday.

I was hoping someone would not notice and I thought the place that I was stealing from did not have security cameras. I am 17 years old and apparently I can be trialed as an adult?

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